Dear Katy: Procrastination Problems

Dear Katy,
I always procrastinate my assignments and then I get super stressed out and do a bad job on them. I try to start earlier but I get distracted super easily and think I’ve got time later. Do you have any suggestions to help me not get distracted so I won’t procrastinate?
Preoccupied Pupil
Dear Preoccupied Pupil,
Unfortunately, procrastination affects us all. Try setting a timer for assignments and for your breaks in between. Taking breaks actually improves your ability to study and remember information. Test out different study spots, if you find a spot that works well for you go back there and keep studying. It may also help to study with friends if studying with your friends helps you focus better go for it! Just be careful and make sure you actually study and not just talk.
Hope some of this helps,
Katy the Kangaroo

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