Lifelong Experiences and Epic Journeys with Travel Jan Terms

At Austin College students are required to take a Jan Term course with the exception to one year off. Students are able to stay on campus, intern, or travel during the month of January. Jan Term is offered by Austin College to allow students to engage in real-life experiences and extravagant learning environments. Travel Jan Terms not only provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural surroundings but also allows students to captivate memorable experiences during their college years. From the Tropical Ecology and Conservation trip in Panama to Music, Art, and Culture in New York City, Austin College has a variety of exquisite and thrilling opportunities to travel in regions across the globe.
Within these trips are grounded foundations that represent specific themes. The themes are correlated and incorporated to prepare students for the overall agenda and events that will take place for the length of the trip. Among these themes, students gain hands-on experiences, a deeper understanding of particular concepts, diverse and intimate cultural backgrounds, and a broader mindset of the world on a global scale.

Mickey Maloney in New York City, 2019.

A good friend and classmate, Mickey Maloney, attended the Music, Art, and Culture trip in New York City this past Jan Term. Mickey along with 20 other Austin College students visited numerous attractions, captured moments in musical concerts and symphonies, explored intriguing, extraordinary art, and experienced a variety of street entertainment as well as Broadway productions. The trip not only calls for an exciting and mesmerizing experience but it also impacts students in ways one cannot imagine. “Open-mindedness, traveling always opens my perception of the world. The new places and experiences make me realize that no matter how glamorous the reputation of a location might have, the core of the place is still made up of hard-working people making a living.” -Mickey Maloney. 
Along with valuable perceptions and memorable experiences, are the fundamental aspects of traveling. Every traveling experience implements unique styles of food, living environments, and diverse cultural communities. Students who travel are able to try new things and become more actively engaged with different communities. Students are offered lifelong experiences, real-world lessons, and memorable journeys when traveling for Jan Term.
Juliana Sink in Panama, 2019.

Juliana Sink attended the Tropical Ecology and Conservation Jan Term in Panama. “Going to Panama impacted me in many ways. It made me more thoughtful in realizing how many accommodations we have here in America.. Like clean and safe water. It also helped to really develop my love for nature. Visiting the rain-forest is the best way to experience nature. You are completely immersed with thousands of different species all around you and it’s really quite breathtaking.”- Juliana Sink.
At Austin College, students have the opportunity to not only explore and discover different parts of the world with travel Jan Terms but they are also able to experience and realize what the real-world really has to offer.
“I would suggest for students to take trips out of your comfort zone. I didn’t have showers when I wanted to, I didn’t have the comfortable bed that I was used to, and we had to share the bathroom with actual bats! The trip was completely out of my comfort zone but I’m so beyond thankful that I went and had this experience.”-Juliana Sink.
“Definitely do it, while price can be intimidating, the life experience gained from traveling, and the relationships gained throughout the trip make it all priceless.” -Mickey Maloney.
To all who have not traveled or seek to travel, Austin College travel Jan Terms are the perfect opportunity!

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