Arts & Entertainment: At a Glimpse April 2019 Music Department Addition

Abstract: An addition to the regular Arts and Entertainment At a Glimpse bulletin featuring recital and concert information from the Music Department.
Hello, just an update to our regular A&E At a Glimpse bulletin. Every weekend this month there are several student recitals. On April 6th Emily Campbell and Brian Linares, a Grayson College student, will be performing in Wynne Chapel at 6 pm. Then on Sunday, April 7th Toni Richardson and Hannah Berry will have a recital as well. This will take place in Wynne Chapel at 3 pm. The following Saturday, April 13th, Adam Lehman, will have his Senior Recital in Wynne Chapel at 7:30 pm. Ceclilia Yip and Quenten Vandereviere will be performing at 4 pm in Wynne Chapel, Sunday, April 14th. Then Saturday, April 20th there are two Senior Recitals. Truman Dowdy will perform at 3 pm, and Grace Harrison will perform at 7 pm. Both performances will be in Wynne Chapel. The next weekend, on Sunday, April 28th Chandler Morris will perform at 1 pm in Wynne Chapel and at 4 pm senior Salina DuClos will have her Senior Recital in Wynne Chapel. Also on April 11th and April 25th, there will be Applied Student Recitals. These recitals will take place in Craig Hall at 7;30 pm. Please come out and support all of our AC students and especially our Seniors.
Also in April, there are several concerts featuring Austin College students. On Monday, April 15th the Austin College Chamber Orchestra, and the Greater Texoma Jazz Ensemble will be performing at 7:30 pm in Wynne Chapel. On Wednesday, April 24th the Wind Ensemble will have a concert in Wynne Chapel at 7:30 pm. Then on Saturday, April 27th the Sherman Symphony Orchestra will perform along with the Austin College Acapella Choir and will feature several solos by students and staff. Be sure to check them out!

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