Make Your Life

“Don’t earn your living, earn your life.” This quote by DH Lawrence can be applied to many facets of life, how you dress, how you work, where you work, and even how you pursue romance. Many of these things are considered superficial but in our current society, the outside is still what matters despite all of the Facebook videos and Twitter rants telling us otherwise. We so readily believe the world has changed because we want it to happen with such fervency. We don’t want to hear how terribly we still treat each other and how great the divide still is.
Personally, I believe we can both earn our living and our life. With this I’m not saying that if you do what you love, your life will be unbelievably happy; but personally, I believe you should do what makes your heart sing. I know a lot of people who are doing what they have been told to study and that it will make them happy, but that isn’t a way to live, especially in college. You have to find what your passion is, what is harder to stop doing than starting and feels right and comfortable for you. For me, that is listening and solving problems and being able to lead where I can inspire and understand those around me. That is why I am leaning towards psychology and communication.
I know what it feels like to be misunderstood and I understand what it’s like to be unhappy. I also know how liberating it is when someone finally hears you and can say “I get it”, and I want to be that for as many people as I can. You have so much time to find this out, there are people in their 50’s finding out now because no one told them it was an option. This is what you are here for, and you are allowed to grow and believe that you are great at something. take your talents and run with them.

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