Fall Study Abroad Fair RECAP!!

(photo credit: Bridget Tolle ’20, Japan 2019)

Pre-med? Business? Poli Sci? Education? Don’t know? Doesn’t matter!

On Tuesday, September 17, the Study Abroad Office welcomed six different organizations to share how you can incorporate a semester traveling abroad into any schedule!
Since 1997, CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad) has provided international study programs in locations throughout Europe, South America, Central America, and China. CEA is terrific for any kind of Business or STEM major, with most of its new programming in STEM disciplines. Need to take Organic Chemistry with a lab? CEA offers this class with a lab abroad.
IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) ABROAD has operated as a non-profit organization since 1950, offering a little bit of everything across the globe so you can earn whatever credit you need. One of IES’ unique programs sponsors an EU group that travels for 22 days in the semester, exploring about 17 different countries. Interested in Business, Economics, Sociology, or Political Science? You could study two of the most emerging economies in South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile; this program also includes a week in Peru.
CYA (College Year in Athens) caters specifically toward humanities and social sciences but has recently expanded its disciples to include Business, Pre-med, Health Sciences, and Public Health students to allow them gen ed or elective courses or an experiential learning opportunity. The program features several hands-on and onsite-based courses, so get ready to travel! Whether you’re interested in a summer, semester, or full year abroad, set aside your Greek yogurt and enjoy time outside the classroom in Greece’s diverse environment!

With these programs, you can earn credits and avoid falling behind and also highlight your experience on résumés!

Interested in studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country? SPANISH STUDIES ABROAD offers programs in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Cuba for all kinds of majors and Spanish levels. Argentina focuses more on Spanish, but there’s no language level requirement in Barcelona, so you could take your courses at the local primary universities in English–you could even take Psychology in English! Pre-med students who have enrolled in this program have taken gen ed courses and have shadowed surgeons as a part of their internship.
ARCADIA ABROAD comes from Arcadia University, a small school in Pennsylvania. Since 1948, Arcadia has sent all kinds of students interested in an academic study abroad around the world. Its services include internships and STEM research programs, and this summer it will launch a domestic internship program in Philadelphia. No matter the curriculum, Arcadia will assure you’re taking the classes that best fit you.
Finally, if you’d like to study outside of Texas but stay closer to home, American University offers a WASHINGTON SEMESTER PROGRAM that allows students to intern at the university for a semester and then intern anywhere within the Washington D.C. metro area. If you’re interested in Political Science, Criminal Justice, Business, or Foreign Policy and want to stay within the US, look no further! This is a really great opportunity to network and determine your career interests.
With these programs, you can earn credits and avoid falling behind and also highlight your experience on résumés!
You really should consider studying abroad. But you don’t have to! While all your friends are posting pics of them standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or taking a bite out of rich Swiss chocolate or Spanish cuisine, you can send them a pic of good ole Grand Avenue as you study a-bored.

For more info on studying abroad, visit the Study Abroad Office in WCC 204 or online at www.austincollege.edu/academics/applied-learning/study-abroad-3/.

For more info on the different study abroad programs, visit:

CYA – College Year in Athens


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