Letter From the Editor-Welcome to The Observer

We are now officially four weeks into the new school year and The Observer is picking up! We have a full team of Editors and a new batch of staff writers. In the next few weeks, we are hoping to start covering all events on campus.
My name is Larissa, and I am the Editor-in-Chief for the 2019-2020 school year. I joined the newspaper last year and quickly fell in love with the idea of a place where all opinions can be expressed and heard with respect. As I have been talking to various people around campus, many were unaware that we had a newspaper. Over the last few years, The Observer has faded out of existence. That is going to change. It is our duty to this college to be a fair and accurate chronicle of campus life. Hopefully, you will start to see our presence at various events around campus.
I believe that newspapers are an essential part of any college or university, but as a liberal arts college, we must have a place where the truth can be spoken freely and all opinions can be expressed. We are here for you. It is our promise to you to be your voice and make this a place where you can see your opinions and beliefs expressed. We are not here to hide or alter the truth, just here to seek and report it in the most accurate form it can be.
This is an amazing college with an amazing group of students, staff, and faculty. They deserve to hear the truth and to see the amazing work they are doing represented for the greater Austin College community to see.

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