Roos at the Roller Rink

Last Friday, Austin students took a trip to Sherman Skateland. CAB hosted the event, letting students who signed up to go for free. Over 70 people came, some showing off their skating skills more than others.
Students from all classes came to skate. Senior Josh Boring came with a roommate and two other close friends. It was his first time skating and he “loved every minute of it.” Boring commented, “the atmosphere was laid back and perfect for a beginner skater like me.”
Boring’s favorite part of the night was being able to go with friends and be able to practice something new. Josh added another main reason he loved Sherman Skateland was, “not [having] to worry about if you are good at skating. No one was focused on skill but everyone was living in the moment and having a good time.”
Josh said he would, “100 percent go to another skate night!”
Beau Beshires, a freshman, skated only one time before and described it as “horrific.” However, he was much improved his second time around. He only fell twice and, “one of those times was [he] jumped thinking [he] could land properly.” As one could expect, he didn’t land gracefully.
For Beshires, the best part of the night was, “getting to hang out with people from school and not worrying about school or anything like that.” Like Boring, he had so much fun he would definitely go again!
Unlike most, freshman Nevaeh Trevino spent her time sitting on the sidelines watching her friends skate. She thoroughly enjoyed watching people fall the most. Trevino only stayed for half of the session, leaving with friends. Nonetheless, she believed the night was a success and thinks she would skate if given another opportunity.
Five people from Austin college raced in front of everyone. Both Boring and Beshires participated. Boring came out on top only to beat Beshires who was in last place.
It is safe to say CAB had a victory with this event. Many people were able to “cross off” something they’ve never done before. Hopefully, another skate night comes around soon. Until then, make sure to read the wall near the Pouch Club or any flyers around campus for upcoming events.

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