“Shifting Perceptions”: TEDxAustinCollege 2019

The long-awaited TEDxAustinCollege 2019 with the theme “Shifting Perceptions” finally took place last Saturday. This year’s TEDx event was special as a new record was achieved with all its mainstage tickets sold a week before it happened. TEDx hosted great speakers who shared different perspectives on various subjects such as Economics, Health Care and much more.
A TEDx event is a TED-like conference where thinkers are given the chance to share their ideas with the community that organized the conference. For those who want to know more about what a TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference is, you are invited to check it on any popular social media platform.
This year, TEDxAustinCollege had six speakers among which was the Vice-President of Student Assembly, Seth Howard, who offered “A Millennial’s Perspective on the 2008 Financial Crisis”. After analyzing the interaction among buyers, lenders, bundlers, and raters, he concluded that no one specifically is to blame for the 2008 Financial Crisis.  The other speakers included three Alumni, Lindsay Williambrown ’02, Aaron Flores ’09, and Kusha Mohammadi ’15; an Alumna’s parent, Minni Malhorta; and a member of the Education faculty, Julia Shahid.  More photos are already available on the Austin College website.
During the whole event, there were different Discovery Depots where students from Austin College, Grayson College, and Sherman Independent School District, offered different experiences where perceptions of a subject changed as it is the case for Computer Science and Robotics Club(CSAR) who had a virtual reality discovery depot.
All in all, TEDxAustinCollege was a success. Shout out again to all those who contributed to the production of this event, starting from the school itself, to the TEDxAustinCollege team and volunteers, to those who attended the event. Thank you for your hard work and I cannot wait to make it to next year’s event!

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