Weekend Blues?

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Are you feeling lonely and bored on the weekends? Do all of your friends go home, but you live too far away to make the trip? Me too.
One of the cons of living on a small campus so close to the DFW area is that most of the students here can go home on the weekends leaving the rest of us alone. For some people, this can make the weekends drag on and on. This happened to me last year. I am from Colorado and most of the friends I made last year live within a two-hour drive from here. When they would all go home, my weekend would get very lonely and I didn’t like it. So I decided to change it and share what I have learned with you. Here are my tips and tricks to get rid of your weekend blues.
Tip #1
Get out of your dorm room. I know it is so easy to stay in bed all day and binge-watch Friends for the 10th time, but you need to get outside and socialize. Humans are social creatures and staying in your room all weekend long is a sure-fire way to get in a funk. Getting out of your room will also help you to make new friends on campus. Then with these new friends, you can find even more things to do!
Tip #2
Try something new! Sherman may be small but it does offer a variety of things to do around town. If the weather is cold and just right for watching a movie, find a couple of friends and go catch a movie. Unsure about what to watch? Check out our Arts and Entertainment Editor, Baylor Thornton’s,  movie reviews to find the right movie for you! If watching movies isn’t your thing, you can try Sherman Skateland and learn how to rollerskate (or if you’re like me, learn how to cushion your fall). Sherman also offers several local coffee shops and restaurants for you to try. Skip the Whataburger this weekend and try MG’s, Sherman’s local burger joint and a favorite amongst AC students.
The greater Texoma area offers some fun weekend adventuring as well. Haven’t been to Lake Campus in a while? Take a trip up there this weekend and pack a lunch. You and some friends can lounge around on the beach before it gets too cold. Another place to visit is Eisenhower State Park. Twenty minutes away and $5 a person, the park offers several hiking trails and picnic areas, you can also reserve campsites.
Tip #3 
Get involved on campus! Most weekends there is something to do on campus and you should check them out. Support your friends and school by going to games and cheering our Roos to another victory! There Star Parties to go to, band, orchestra, choir, and theatre performances to attend. They would love your support. If it’s a quiet weekend, get some friends together for a movie or game night. It’s a great way to learn something new or discover a new favorite!
I hope that some of these suggestions might help make your weekend better!

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