Austin College Music and Jazz Ensemble

The opening string section was lead by the Austin College Chamber Orchestra.
Jubilant Overture by Joshua Reznicow was an intriguing piece that began as a triumphant melody eventually becoming smoothed out into a slower tone. Slower portion of the piece invoked a soothing  and gradually transformed into the faster paced, more triumphant opening section. After the show I could distinctly remember this piece performed by the Orchestra. 

The second half of the performance was led by the Greater Texoma Jazz Ensemble. 
Summer Never Ends had an interesting melody, beginning with a slow piano then sharply growing into the brass instruments. The synchronized instruments helped establish a booming melody without being overwhelming. The piano this time dominated the song in a repeated pattern as the opening, again followed by the brass instruments. Once the third time this pattern was repeated, it slowly smoothed. The ensemble concluded with Seasons Greetings as a way to demonstrate their seasonal anticipation. The piece had a very joyful tune and was reinforced by the subtle use of bells in congruence with the rest of their instruments. 
For someone who is not prone to attending Orchestral or Jazz ensembles, this performance enhanced my interest significantly. I would like to congratulate all of the talented Austin College and Texoma musicians who performed. 

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