Lip Sync Battle


If you went home last Friday for the weekend, you missed an epic Lip Sync Battle!
Hosted by CAB, the one-hour event attracted all kinds of students, who put their lip sync skills to the test as they competed for an Alexa-compatible and $15 and $10 Target gift cards.
All the contestants received critique on their performance from the judges: Dr. Huy Nguyen (Assistant Professor of Mathematics); Nichole Sherman (Area Coordinator for Brockett Complex); and Patrick Miller (Director of Residence Life).

First up! Junior Rachel Bowman with Beyoncé’s “Sorry”. As a cheerleader and theater major, Rachel is no stranger to performing for others and makes no apologies after hitting the stage! About her performance, she says, “I was nervous at first, but when I got on stage and the music started playing, I didn’t feel any nervous breakdown. It was nothing.”
Next up, sophomore and baseball athlete Sergio De Paoli with a Backstreet Boys classic, “I Want It That Way”. Halfway through, Sergio drops the mic–literally. Probably didn’t want it that way, but props for recovery!
Dr. Nguyen enjoyed the performance, while Patrick thinks Sergio has “. . . a future career in an airport lounge.” Wow. I guess he dropped the mic too soon…
Sergio De Paoli

A brief intermission. Hey, did you know every artist lip syncs in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Grammy award-winning artist and former Voice coach John Legend revealed this last November on Twitter, adding it’s “. . . because the floats don’t have the capacity to handle the sound requirements for a live performance.”
Tonight’s performers ought to send lip-sync tutorials to those Thanksgiving Parade singers, as well as Britney Spears. Take notes, girl!
We’re back, and Team T & the Wildcats are all in this together as they throw us back to High School Musical! The group consists of freshmen Paula Akhigbe, Siran Berberian, Valaria Kodi, Timarea Kimbrough, Joy Mugaju, and Temi, who introduce themselves as “One Direction but better.” And we all agree! In reflecting on their performance, they felt more preparation would’ve gotten their head in the game (HSM pun, anyone?). However, they’re glad they performed, as they should be! Great job, girls!

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The fourth performance comes from Natalia Nevarez, another freshman with a Disney classic. She rocks out to Demi Lovato’s “This Is Me” and adds a twirl to transition into Joe Jonas’s part. Nice! After her performance, she said getting up on stage and performing felt great! Can I steal some of your confidence, please?
Sergio returns to close the battle with a final performance featuring Jon Voos, another baseball athlete. Together, they jump across the stage, engaging the audience with Katy Perry’s “Firework” hit. Definitely didn’t expect them to lip-sync Katy’s music, but the crowd is roaring with applause! Nichole starts off the judge’s comments: “All I saw was fireworks.” Patrick thinks they had a “good use of space.” For those of you worrying, no mics were hurt during their performance.
The judges deliberate for a few minutes. Now, here come the results!!!
3rd: Natalia, “This is Me”, $10 Target gift card!
2nd: Sergio, “I Want It That Way”, $15 Target gift card!
1st: Rachel, “Sorry”, Alexa-compatible speaker!
Every one did a fabulous job tonight and showed great sportsmanship at the end, congratulating each other on their effort and talent.
Embracing the true Wildcat spirit, Team T & the Wildcats perform one last time, lip-syncing Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” before splitting off in different directions.

Clockwise, Team T & the Wildcats: Timarea Kimbrough, Paula Akhigbe, Joy Mugaju, Valaria Kodi, Siran Berberian, and Temi.

Don’t feel bad if you missed the opportunity to show off your lip sync skills! CAB will likely host this event in the spring, so be practicing! What song will you choose?

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