Roos are getting ready for the 2020 National Model UN conference!

As Winter Break approaches, Austin College is already preparing for the 2020 National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference New York. The team, which will be representing Ireland, is constituted of students ranging from freshman to seniors, held its first meeting last Tuesday during which each student got to know their partner and committee. But before getting all exited for this, let’s recall what is NMUN conference and what happened last year.
The National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference is a conference based on the model of a real United Nations Conference. It is a great opportunity for students all over the world to have an idea of how United Nations’ conferences are held, as well as how and why some resolutions and decisions are taken.
Last year, Austin College was representing the republic of Cuba at the 2019 NMUN conference New York which took place from March 24th to March 28th. During an intensive period (less than two months) the team learned about the Republic of Cuba through the Model United Nations course taught by professor Audrey Flemming and practiced debating at the conference with the help of head delegates, Amelia Hardy and Esmeralda Alejo. At the end of the conference, Austin College came back with a position paper award from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) committee represented by students Paola Medina and Aguiele Ndoungla.
Going to the NMUN conference is a great opportunity to network and meet people from different backgrounds. In addition, during the preparation for the conference, students get to know more and brainstorm about another country’s political system. They also develop their skills in research, public speaking, and teamwork.
Good luck to the 2020 NMUN conference Austin College’s team of delegates. Go Roos!
If interested in being part of the next NMUN Austin College’s team, you can learn more on the Model UnitedNations course website
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