Don’t Let April Fool You: It’s a Great Comeback Month

“April showers bring May flowers.” In a literal sense, that’s true. As winter makes its exit, the sun and rain collaborate like paramedics administering CPR to resuscitate nature. Flowers bloom, animals emerge from hibernation, and grass looks greener on every side! That old adage remains true in a figurative sense. April Continue Reading

Attention, Connection, and Sinews: An Interview with John Williams, April 2020

In the midst of this chaotic April, it’s hard to describe our situation, but Dr. John Williams captures it well: “[Now], the way we love each other is to no longer be around each other, which is a paradox.”  And what a paradox it is.  On one hand, there’s a Continue Reading

A Moment with Margie Norman: Interview, April 2020

It is, as Margie Norman, says, “unprecedented times.” After all, spring was a time of possibilities, for many of us. We had expectations when we came into spring. Expectations about our classes, our education, our work – and what work we could secure in the summers. Of course, we aren’t Continue Reading