JanTerm Registration Begins

Hey ‘Roos! It’s the time of  year in Austin College to select courses for JanTerm!
What is JanTerm? JanTerm is an Austin College exclusive program where it prioritizes students exploring beyond their intended studies for the month of January. Students indulge in JanTerm by attending classes different from their field of study to expand their skillset and travel to different countries depending on your situation. Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, traveling opportunities have been canceled.
This year, there are 43 JanTerm classes being offered. The class subjects range from science such as  “Grow Into Biology” and “Physics in Film” to social studies such as “You Are Being Played” and “Politics of Bad Behavior.”
Registration for these classes opens October 20 through October 22. Advising will be going on in the next few weeks.

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