New Semester, Same COVID-19

Spring classes began on February 3, but COVID-19 still remains a major problems for campuses across the country. The US still gains thousands of new cases each day and only a small percentage of the country has received a full vaccination. For now, Austin College will continue to highly monitor CDC guidelines and the virus’ presence on campus.
As of February 26, there are three active cases within Austin College community. All are in isolation. Surveillance testing was paused due to dangerous weather conditions but resumed February 22. Vigilant testing helps identify cases quickly and limits the spread of the virus.
Along with surveillance testing, students and employees are asked to continue to follow CDC guidelines. This includes wearing a mask properly to cover the nose and mouth, washing hands or using hand sanitizer frequently, social distancing, and completing Daily Health Screens through the Austin College app. If you attend class in-person, make sure to wipe down your desk before and after class. If you begin to show symptoms, contact Health Services.
On a national level, frontline workers and people at high risk for COVID-19 can be vaccinated. According to the CDC, more than 60 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the US as of February 24.  At this rate, it seems likely that the Biden Administration will reach its goal of 100 million shots in 100 days easily. The US has a limited number of vaccines, and winter storms have delayed the arrival of new shipments, especially in Texas. Until there are more doses of the vaccine, the best way we can protect ourselves and each other is continuing to follow CDC guidelines.
National COVID-19 Updates

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