Back to School: Austin College Prepares to Open Fully In-Person This Fall

As more and more people continue to get the Covid-19 vaccine, one of the top priorities is reopening schools. Austin College was lucky enough this school year to have hybrid learning, or a mix of in-person and online learning. However, starting next fall, the plan is to have all students return in person with face-to-face instruction with the hopes that everyone will have been vaccinated by the summer. As of today, all adult Americans will be eligible to get a vaccine by May 1st, with all Texans above the age of 16 reaching eligibility on March 29th. However, healthy younger people without a pre-existing condition will be near the end of the waiting list, so it may be another month or two before college students join older adults in being vaccinated.
Until then, it is important that students continue to complete their daily health passes, wear masks, practice social distancing, and wash their hands often to keep everyone safe and healthy. This will prevent the virus from spreading among people who haven’t been vaccinated yet and also lower the chances of any mutations of the virus showing up.

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