COVID around the world

The covid pandemic has affected students not only at Austin College, but also from all around the world. It impacted  and still impacts different areas of their life, ranging from their studies, to their productivity.
The effect of the covid pandemic on everyday school life is seen through the adoption of a few new policies. Similar to Austin College, most schools have changed the frequency of their cleanings and have implemented cleaning stations or hand sanitizers on their campus. Among the new rules applied, are counted social-distancing and the obligated wearing of masks to access school facilities. However, while these different rules can be easier to implement at some places, it is not the case at others. At the National Advanced School of Public Works (NASPW), Yaounde, Cameroon, for example, the number of long benches does not allow for effective social distancing. In addition, because of the low rate of official deaths from COVID-19 in Cameroon, there is a laxity with carrying masks properly among some students, as observed here too.
Regarding the online format of classes adopted at some level by schools, the feelings on the matter are mixed. While some students like Arafat Yaya, student at the Islamic University of Technology in Bangladesh have found themselves more productive when on campus in Bangladesh rather than at home, others like Steve Dapenou, at NASPW  would rather have the classes in person as they have a harder time following it. Armel Feukeng at the CY Tech, France, feels on the contrary that the format of classes did not affect his studies or productivity in any ways possible. So apart from some unfortunate technical issues, the idea of online school being positive or negative is definitely subjective.
In these different times, students are encouraged to keep up with their studies and take care of themselves. May everyone do what they have to do thoroughly and at their best, as Arafat mentioned.

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