REMINDER: JanTerm 2022 Registration

Fall Term 2021 registration finished up for all students last week, but don’t settle in just yet. Mark your calendars because registration for January Term 2022 starts tomorrow!
Rising seniors register on Tuesday, April 27, rising juniors on the Wednesday, April 28, and rising sophomores on Thursday, April 29. Be sure to check the “My Registration Information” section of WebHopper to find your specific registration time. 
JanTerm is a great opportunity to explore subjects outside of your major and minor, and take interesting classes that are not offered in a usual semester. This year the college is offering many on campus classes as well as several off campus and abroad courses. Here are just a few of the classes that are being offered:
Movement & Mental Health with Danielle N. Franks – This course explores the connection that physical movement and dance have with mental health. Students will learn about mental health and movement and the benefits that they have individually and together. Students will then learn different forms of dance from the instructor as well as studios in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Prohibition, Then Craft Beer? with Dr. James Hebda and Dr. Jeff Fontana – This class will dive into how the prohibition movement and the modern craft beer movement are related. Students will learn about the chemistry and biology used to create beer, and must be 21 or older as they will experience different beer styles.
Art and Science of Coffee with Dr. Wolfgang Lueckel – By the end of the course, students will have learned all there is to know about a good cup of coffee. Students will work on honing their taste buds, learning different brewing methods, and go on field trips and workshops with professionals.
An Exploration of Umami with Dr. John Richardson – This class will let students experiment with chemical and physical cooking techniques, create unique dishes, and focus on the 5th taste: Umami.
Experiencing Disability with Ms. Kim Snipes – This course is meant to bring awareness to different types of disabilities including vision, hearing, and physical impairment. Students will have hands-on learning experience while learning braille, the ASL alphabet, and experience what it may mean to be disabled by maneuvering around campus while blindfolded, in a wheelchair, or with noise cancelling headphones.

These are just a few courses that are being offered on campus in 2022. Below is a list of the off campus JanTerm classes as well:

  • Costa Rica: From Tree Poses to Birds in Trees
  • Form, Function, and Craft in Ancient & Contemporary – Mexico
  • Ghost Ranch: A Culturally Immersive Southwest Adventure
  • Health Ed & Culture in Ghana
  • Immigration & Careers in Social Justice – Dallas/Fort Worth and U.S. Mexico border
  • Language, Lit., & Culture in the Heart of Mexico
  • Paris: A Colonial History

Click here for the full list of on campus and off campus JanTerm classes and their descriptions.

Finally, remember to check if there are any age requirements or interview requirements before your registration day. And, just in case, have a backup class or two. 

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