‘Roo Women’s Water Polo Ranks Top 25 in Nation

For those of you who don’t know, water polo is a competitive team sport – usually 7 people – played in the water between two teams. The goal is to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal and the team that scores highest is the winning team. However, there is one major rule: players can’t touch the pool bottom. Instead, they stay afloat by treading water, passing the ball, and aiming at the goal.
So far, in the women’s water polo realm, the ‘Roo women are killing it!
After winning 4 games in a row, including victories against NCAA Division II teams: Gannon University 11-10 and Mercyhurst 11-9, the Austin College Women’s Water Polo team ranked in the national Top 25 including the NCAA Division I programs.
Additionally, the Roos also came in No. 3 in Division III water polo against Penn State Behrend 17-4 and Grove City 27-9. Next weekend, the team will be playing in the CWPA championships
The ‘Roos are now 4-2 for the year.

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