TEDx Austin College 2021

TEDx is an independently organized event created to spread important ideas by bringing in TED Talks video and live speakers. It is a local, self-organized event that aims to bring people together through deep discussion and networking. A team of Austin College students, faculty, and staff of Institutional Marketing and Communications are in charge of setting up this year’s event scheduled for September 25, 2021. By the way, that amazing logo that you see above was created by, student, Maddie Wilson.
This year’s theme is CONFLUENCE. Marissa Graf, a student on the TEDx Austin College team originally came up with the Confluence theme, and the entire team subsequently decided on this theme. The team chose Confluence because it is the merging of rivers into one, which relates in a broader context as well. Similar to waterways merging, people also naturally respond to change and strengthen connections with people through new, innovative ideas. By sharing these great ideas, we can deepen those connections and experiences with new people, which allows us to broaden our thinking. We can even think about it in terms of the right and left lobes of the brain. Separately they have their own functions, but when logic and creativity naturally flow together, incredible ideas emerge that contribute to growth and development.
According to Marissa, the purpose of this TEDx talk is for students to leave the event with a lot of new knowledge about the topics discussed as well as excited to share their learnings with others.
This year’s speakers will be Mariam Abeje ’22, Kate Kahale ’23, Laura Lawson ’10, Ann Crews Melton ’03, Ting Sun ’87, and Kelly Yarbrough ’09.

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