Vaccines for All

Following an exclusively remote end to the Spring 2020 semester, Austin College adhered to CDC guidelines such as mask-wearing and social distancing for both the fall and spring semesters of this school year. On April 2, an email was sent to all students, staff, and faculty announcing that Austin College would be partnering with the Grayson County Public Health Department to provide vaccines to students and employees at no cost. After filling out a short informational form, students would be set up to receive the Moderna vaccine on Thursday, April 8 at the former Sherman High School building. For students without a means of transportation, the college provided shuttles from campus to the vaccine site. 
Elizabeth Funderburk was able to receive the vaccine through the help of the school. She described the process as a simple one. Funderburk said,  “So, I went there [Old Sherman Highschool] around 11, 11:30, and I got my vaccine! I took the van there and got a ride back.” Emphasizing the importance of vaccine distribution, she stated, “I’m really grateful that they did it and I think it’s really good as a way to encourage students to get their vaccine, so that people don’t put it off.” Finally, Funderburk had a message for students who have not yet had the opportunity to receive their vaccine: “I would just hope that if you haven’t already gotten vaccinated and you’re reading this, please do. It’s a little bit painful but it’s worth it… hopefully by next semester this will all be over.” Other than some arm soreness, Elizabeth is having no issues post-vaccine, and preparing for her second dose on May 6.  Future updates on vaccines offered by Austin College will be sent through student emails by health services. As availability increases, additional doses will be available throughout the state of Texas so anyone over the age of 16. If you have any questions regarding the Covid-19 vaccination process, contact Austin College Health services for assistance!

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