THINK about going Unplugged


Written by Roshni Khosla, Writer and Social Media Coordinator

Did you know that Austin College uses approximately 15 million kilowatt-hours of electricity each year at a cost in excess of $1 million? To combat that figure, this October, Thinking Green, or “THINK,” is hosting the 12th annual AC Unplugged energy saving competition . This year’s theme is the Spice Girls.   AC Unplugged aims to reduce the electricity usage of residences on campus below their baseline and help students become more aware of their environmental impact through electricity usage.They will host informative, engaging events and offer prizes for energy saving throughout the month of October. The events this year are all taking place outdoors (weather permitting) and include a “Get Unplugged” game night, Pot Painting and Spice Planting, Spice Challenge: Hot Sauce Competition, and Spice Girls Look Alike Contest. 

The prize offered by THINK this year for the participating cottage that decreases their energy use the most is an electricity bill reimbursement for the month of October. Dean, Baker, Clyce, and Caruth residence halls are competing against each other to raise money for a local nonprofit organization of their choice!

THINK offers up some ideas for electricity saving on their Austin College website, “Turn off electrical devices when not in use. Make sure there is nothing plugged in or turned on when you leave [the room]. This includes computer and cell phone battery chargers, TVs in standby mode, even refrigerators can be emptied with the doors propped open and turned off.”

Best of luck to competitors, and be sure to attend the THINK events in October!

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