Student Assembly Elections This Week

Student Assembly Forum
Candidates left to right: Jeffery Berk ’23, Amie Johnson ’24, Drew Easley ’24, Apoorva Sakthivel ’24.

Written by Larissa Gamble, Editor-in-Chief

Monday November 15, 2021, the Student Assembly candidates gathered to answer student questions and explain why they should be elected. Four students are running for the positions of President and Vice President and were each asked various questions about what they would do to improve life on campus and why they should be elected. Candidates for President are, Jeffery Berk ’23 and Amie Johnson ’24. Vice Presidential candidates are Andrew “Drew” Easley ’24 and Apoorva Sakthivel ’24.  

Jeffery Berk
Presidential Candidate Jeffery Berk speaks to students at the forum.

Jeffery Berk is a junior majoring in History and minoring in Education. He wants to increase library hours, create a relaxation room, and put an ID card scanner on the north entrance to the Idea Center. He wants students to feel comfortable talking to him and has vowed to continue working for the student body elected or not. Jeffery has spent many years in leadership positions. He has spent the past two years on Student Assembly. He also holds a position in CAB and is an Eagle Scout. His closing message to students was that he is here for all students.  

Amie Johnson
Presidential Candidate Amie Johnson speaks to students at the Student Assembly Forum.

Amie Johnson is a sophomore double majoring in English and Anthropology with a minor in Leadership studies. Her main goal if elected president will be to improve safety on campus. Amie wants to make outdoor lighting safer for all students. She stated that she is here to serve the students and wants AC to do better. She’s been a part of Student Assembly for a year and was a manager of a cosmetology school. Amie stressed to the voters that Student Assembly is there to work as a team with students and that she is excited for what students have to say.  

Andrew “Drew” Easley
Vice Presidential Candidate Andrew “Drew” Easley speaks to students about his plans for Student Assembly.

Drew Easley is a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and History. He has been a part of student assembly for a year and a half. He is running with Presidential candidate, Jeffery Berk and is focused on many of the same issues. He has been active in leadership positions for Boy Scouts and youth groups. He wants Student Assembly to be a place where students can have their voice be heard.  

Apoorva Sakthivel
Apoorva Sakthivel speaks to students to encourage them to vote for her as Vice President.

Apoorva Sakthivel is a transfer sophomore who is majoring in Neuroscience and is on the premed track. Her main goal is for students to know what Student Assembly does. She feels a disconnect between the organization and students and wants to fix it. Her closing message to students was that every student has the opportunity to have their voice heard.  

Current Student Assembly President, Nicole De Luna was moderating the forum and clarified information to the audience as needed. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions of the candidates. Major concerns of the students at the forum were different forms of representation on campus as well as mental health. The candidates were each given an opportunity to answer the question and give their ideas on how to listen to students. Representation was key to most of the candidates with several of them in favor of adding representative of the different organizations and increasing student representation on the food committee.  

Voting opened at 9 am on November 16 and continues till 3 pm November 18.  

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