Rush Season is Officially Over for 2021-2022

Written By Elizabeth Funderburk, Staff Writer

Bid Day Workshop
At the Bid Day Workshop, students listened to various speakers on the morning of February 19th prior to receiving their official bids.

On Saturday, February 19, dozens of Austin College students officially became members of sororities and fraternities. The day started with Bid Day Workshop at 9 AM, where hopeful rushes listened to a presentation covering the dangers of hazing, how to take advantage of counseling services, and how to report sexual harassment or assault.

That afternoon, rushes were greeted with a knock on their door and an official bid. Then they went to a specific location where they would partake in numerous fun activities and take pictures, solidifying their new membership as part of a brotherhood or sisterhood.

While nearly every college or university has some form of Greek life, Austin College is different from most in that rushing takes place in February rather than late August or the beginning of September. Brigid Fox, president of Greek Council and a member of Xi Epsilon, explained that this is because Austin College’s Greek groups are local, rather than national, meaning that Austin College has the ability to schedule their own Bid Day. This gives students a chance to really get to know the groups they’re interested in during the fall semester before making a commitment to join. Thus, if they decide Greek life isn’t for them after a few weeks, it isn’t too late for them to decide not to rush.

Current students and next year’s incoming freshmen who want to join a Greek group should know that the rush process may be longer than at other schools, but it’s also a lot of fun and well worth the wait. Additionally, Brigid says that “every group has something unique to offer, and it’s important to consider all your options.” So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there– chances are you’ll find the sorority or fraternity that’s right for you.

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