Senior Spotlight: Jacob Moreno

Written By Timarea Kimbrough, Writer

Jacob Moreno
Jacob Moreno

Senior Jacob Moreno is a Communications major with a minor in Leadership who spends his time managing his organizations and making sure everything is in order. After all, when you are in as many clubs as he is, you must know how to manage your time. Jacob is an intern with Institutional Marketing and Communication, the president of the Campus Activities Board, a fellow of the Posey Leadership Institute (IMC), a little brother of the sorority Omega Zeta, and is involved with new student organization C.H.A.M.P.S.  He explained how he became involved with all of these organizations and how he seeks to improve the Campus Activities Board.

CAB Exec at GDS 2021
CAB executives and Cabbies during Great Day Of Service 2021.

Jacob recalls how he first became involved with IMC, “I went to an event and later after that event an alumnus reached out and told me I’d be a good fit,”.  After speaking with the alumni he then started to reach out to the group, the rest is history. When first arriving here at Austin College Jacob touches on how the first organization he was exposed to was Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.). The high spirits and friendly attitude of the members drew him in. From the very start, Jacob saw himself being a member of this club and improving it. He explained that working with IMC and C.A.B. has led him to choose his final career as an Event Coordinator. These organizations lead people to discover that they enjoy event planning and organizing these huge events that draw strangers in.

He encourages current freshmen to get involved in these groups and organizations as they may lead new students to think about future career options and meet new friends. He also advises freshmen to aim for leadership (or executive) positions in these organizations. Jacob knows just how stressful it can be to hold a leadership position at Austin College. However, similar to Jacob’s story, if more students go out and explore different clubs, they will enjoy their college experience and possibly discover what they want to do after they graduate.

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  1. Proud of all you have accomplished, Jacob and happy that you have had such an empowering experience.

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