The Annual Shine back from Hiatus

Written By Darian Johannsen, Web Designer

Sigma Phi Chi, Gamma Gamma Gamma, and Chi Tau Chi
Sigma Phi Chi, Gamma Gamma Gamma, and Chi Tau Chi on stage before the event.

This Saturday, March 26th, the sorority Sigma Phi Chi hosted Shine with fraternities, Gamma Gamma Gamma and Chi Tau Chi. Shine is an annual 2000s themed party open to all of campus. Historically, the event has been in the Pouch Club in WCC, but with COVID-19 precautions, it was moved to Wynne Chapel this year. 

Austin College students enjoyed a buffet from Aramark, 2000s bops, raffles and danced throughout the night with their friends and greek groups. Freshman Evan Bailey came to support and have a good time. His favorite part of the night was dancing and goofing around with everyone. He was an active participant on the dance floor as he sang, danced, and jumped around in the circle. He has every intention of coming to Shine next year and said he had a wonderful time.  

Senior Valerie Nixon, Sigma Phi Chi President, planned, and coordinated the event. According to Nixon, she had to start planning this months in advance. “Months before the event, I submitted the proposal for the event, created and placed the food order through Aramark, ordered all of the decorations, and started planning execution and advertising,” Nixon explained. She continued by illustrating that planning took a lot of communication with the other planners and presidents Xavier Maxwell (Gamma Gamma Gamma) and Dylan Williams (Chi Tau Chi).

The whole night was a success in the Sigma President’s eyes. She said, “Everyone that came had a great time dancing, eating, and socializing.” She made a lot of new friendships and connections with people she didn’t know well – which, in her eyes, is one of the biggest goals of the event. 

Students dancing to the Cupid Shuffle
Students dancing to the Cupid Shuffle

As great as Shine was this year, this is not the first time Sigmas hosted Shine with the two other Greek groups. Shine has been hosted every year since the early 2000s. With COVID-19, though, Sigmas had not had the event since Nixon’s freshman year. Because of the hiatus, Nixon was more excited than ever to have the event. It was traditionally hosted by Sigma Phi Chi and both “Tri Gams” and Chi Tau Chi fraternities, but for the last five or so years it was just Sigma and Chi Tau Chi. Nixon said Sigmas, “were stoked that the Tri Gams joined us again this year!” 

When asked if Nixon had anything else to note about the event, she mentioned that she, “wants to thank all my sisters for their hard work for the event–everyone played a special role in making Shine an amazing event.” She followed with gratitude for everyone who came and had a good time. She said she cannot wait to see it come to life again next year.  

Whether you attended or not, do not fret because Shine will appear again in the Spring of 2023! 

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  1. I didn’t go this year, but I’m so excited to go the next year! My friends went and it looked like they had a blast. 🙂

  2. This is an amazing article, Darian! Thank you for sharing the amazing event with us and all of AC. Keep up the great work!

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