The Best Spotify Playlist: Aussie Spring Show

Written By Elizabeth Funderburk, Staff Writer
Photos Taken By Darian Johannsen, Web Designer and Photo Editor

Over the holiday weekend, the Aussies and KangaKrew danced at their final rendition of the year. Co-captains Allie Straeck and Sylvia Sit led the Aussies towards a spectacular performance in this year’s show, themed “Spotify Playlist.” In addition to the Aussies’ eight dance routines, KangaKrew also danced along to a mashup of K-Pop songs. Although fun and playful for most of the show, a few of the performances were very emotional, especially for the seniors graduating this spring. Overall, it was a wonderful performance that had the audience cheering every time the dancers made one of their many seamless moves.

2 thoughts on “The Best Spotify Playlist: Aussie Spring Show

  1. This was such an amazing performance! Thank you to the Observer staff for highlighting these beautiful groups!

  2. This year’s show was so insanely good. I’m glad it got the attention it did, and I can’t wait to see them again next year!

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