Band on Grand is Something You Want to See Firsthand

Written By Larissa Gamble, Editor-in-Chief

Band on Grand
John Williams, Teresa Moore, Steven P. O’Day, Traci Howard Moore, Jimmy Wilkins, Nate Bigelow, & Dylan Williams ’23

If you blinked you might have missed it. On Friday, April 1st, students, staff, and faculty gathered in the Pouch Club to watch the debut performance of Austin College’s very own Band on Grand.  This short concert opened with the song “Ford Econoline” originally performed by Nanci Griffith, followed by “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter, then they played, “Gimme One Reason” originally performed by Tracy Chapman. Band on the Grand closed with “Drift Away” originally written and performed by Dobie Gray, though many are familiar with the Uncle Kracker version. Band on Grand invited the audience to sing along with their last song as they finished their set. The Band on Grand’s very first appearance was well received by audience members who were dancing and singing along. At the end of the 30-minute concert, the Band on Grand teased its next gig. They hope to be back for Finals Breakfast. 

Band on Grand features President Steven P. O’Day on rhythm guitar, John Williams on guitar and vocals, Nate Bigelow playing lead guitar, Dylan Williams (‘23) playing percussion, Jimmy Wilkins on bass, and Teresa Moore and Traci Howard Moore singing.  How this band got its start is an interesting story. 

Band on Grand
The Band on Grand (Not pictured Traci Howard Moore)

If you’re out on a nice day over by the chapel you might catch John Williams, Brett Besson, and Nate Bigalow playing guitar and singing. Last semester, Dylan Williams and Jimmy Wilkins joined them. At one point President O’Day expressed an interest in playing with them and invited them over to his house on a Friday afternoon. Teresa and Traci joined them and they soon realized that they needed to play for an audience. They decided that Kangapalooza was the perfect time for their first gig and set up times for rehearsal. It was at one of these rehearsals that the name Band on Grand was chosen. Teresa Moore had put rehearsals in her calendar as Band on Grand and the name stuck. 

Both the band and the audience had a blast at their debut concert and everyone is looking forward to when they play next! Be sure to check out Band on Grand’s next performance, hopefully on Finals Breakfast.

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