Kangapalooza Came Back in Full Swing

Written By Hayden Claborn, Entertainment Writer

Kangapalooza 2022

Kangapalooza is a five day event that concludes with a concert by a recognizable band or musical artists. In the past people like Post Malone and The Band Camino have played. This year felt significant because it was the first time in two years Austin College has held a massive event like this without COVID restrictions. 

Throughout the week events were held. This year we had a murder mystery party, game truck, and a field day,but the event everyone was buzzing about was the concert. Lovely The Band and the opening act West Rerun played an amazing show–  the energy in the room was electric. In addition to the music,the event also had classic arcade games like Galaga, Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. 

Jacob Moreno, the president of CAB, was tasked with the process of planning this year’s Kangapalooza. He explained that the biggest challenge was “eyeballing the audience”. Last year was a low-key event since The Band Camino’s concert was virtual. The organizers weren’t sure how many students would attend this year–  The number was close to two or three hundred, says Moreno.

The process of booking West Rerun has an  interesting story behind it. An AC student  told the organizers about the musical duo and got in contact with them. Kangapalooza was actually their first concert! 

Even though Jacob is graduating this year, his biggest hope for Kangapalooza is that they can expand the budget and attendance to create a better event in the years to come.

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