Run to Theaters to Watch Sonic 2

Written By Lya Balusu, Writer

Sonic the Hedgehog

The sequel to the Sonic Live-action came out to theatres on April 8 of last week and attracted a crowd of all kinds. The prequel to this movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, received many praises as it brought the beloved video game character to life. Sonic 2, however, takes the story a step further. Sonic, voice acted by Ben Schwartz, is once again put through many trials as a growing superhero, otherwise known as the “Blue Justice”, as his nemesis Dr. Robotnik, Jim Carrey, makes his return to Earth with an unlikely ally, the Echidna Warrior, Knuckles himself. We, of course, can’t forget the iconic sidekick Tails, voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessey, who also makes an appearance in the movie. 

The movie in particular expands more on the history of Sonic’s lineage and brings light to his travels searching for a safe place to call home, which was made apparent in the first movie. The classic idea of Chaos emeralds also made an appearance in the film, and excited many of the audience members, as it was a huge part of the Sonic Sega games. There were more classic easter eggs that were scattered throughout the movie, from such as references to films from Marvel and DC, to even old Sonic TV shows, like Sonic X and Sonic Underground. The visuals overall were stunning and the story kept you on your toes. The character development was heartwarming, and the comedy was worth the 10 minutes of ads at the beginning. And of course, one cannot forget the end-credits scene, which definitely left the audience in anticipation for the next movie, but this is a non-spoiler review, so no spoilers! 

In light of the Sonic series getting signed for more films in the future, the public is clearly in excitement for the release of the next movie. Jim Carrey’s acting was splendid as usual, and each character was truly brought to life in a new way. Even fans who do not have a preference for the games enjoyed the film. If you like family films that just

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