Rush Season Starting Back Up at AC

Written by Ireland Owens, Staff Writer

Greek Life

As a new fall semester begins, rush season is starting up at Austin College. Greek Life organizations are showing out at various on-campus rush events, marking the start of the 2022 rush season, which will be in full-swing until Bid Day in mid-February of 2023. This month, there will be various opportunities for students interested in rushing to meet the various fraternities and sororities that make up the diverse Greek Life community at Austin College. 

If you missed out on meeting Greek Life groups at the Opportunities Fair last month, don’t worry—there are various upcoming rush events on campus to be hosted by the school throughout the fall semester. 

On September 6th, Austin College hosted a Greek Mixer. It was a casual Greek Life event held downstairs in the Robert J. and Mary Wright Campus Center, which allowed different Greek Life groups to set up booths to promote their groups and to meet rushes. This was a great opportunity for potential rushes to meet and get to know Greek groups on a deeper level.

On September 13th, rushes attended Sorority Round Robins. This was an on-campus event in the Wright Campus Center, where those interested in rushing sororities could meet each sorority individually. The event was a great way for rushes to get an idea of what each sorority is like. The following day, the school hosted Fraternity Round Robins, which allowed for prospective fraternity rushes to learn about and network with each fraternity.

Fall Rush is a very exciting time at Austin College, for both rushes and Greek Life groups looking to take new members. If you are interested in rushing, but missed some of the rush events, it is not a big deal–you can always attend the make-up Round Robins later this year! 

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