TEDxAustinCollege 2022: Amplify

TEDxAustinCollege 2022: Amplify

Written by Carrie Johnson, Staff Writer

You know what a TED talk is, right?

Well, Austin College has its own TEDx event, and it takes place this Saturday, Oct. 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This will be the seventh annual TEDxAustinCollege event – the program has featured over 40 speakers and garnered over half a million views on TED.com so far. 

“I’m super excited for this year’s conference,” said Maddie Wilson, this year’s TEDxAustinCollege 2022 lead.

This year, the TEDxAustinCollege conference will have a panel of six speakers including our very own Dr. Felix Harcourt, Dr. Julie Hempel, student Bella Sada-Nieto ’23, alumni Caitlin Graves ’13 and Trevor Slansky ’22, and community speaker Jennifer Estes.

“We picked a great group of speakers and the programming is going to be very engaging. There’s something for everyone at TEDxAustinCollege 2022!” added Maddie. 

In fact, there will be opportunities for the audience to meet the speakers and take part in activities centered around the speakers’ talks. The conference also features the Discovery Depot, an interactive session happening between the two sessions of talks where campus clubs and organizations will have booths for attendees to visit.

“I am so excited for attendees to learn how to amplify their voices and important ideas through fun and engaging activities during Discovery Depot,” commented Clemon White, who is the lead of Discovery Depot. 

This year’s unique theme is Amplify – the conference wants to “turn up the volume” for voices so they can be heard over the noise of life. The theme aims to “take [the speakers’] thoughts from silent ideas to powerful discussions to be heard by all,” the TEDxAustinCollege 2022: Amplify Promo Video explains.

In connection with the theme, the TEDxAustinCollege 2022 team has announced that the first 250 people to arrive at the conference will receive a free Bluetooth speaker.

“This is a signature event on campus,” said Heidi Rushing, Associate Director of Marketing and Public Affairs. “The interns have done a fantastic and impressive job of truly putting together a conference worth attending.”

The conference will be held in the Sally and Jim Nation Theatre Saturday, Oct.1 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon with doors opening as early as 8:30 a.m. You can register at the TEDxAustinCollege webpage.
You can also follow TEDxAustinCollege on Instagram and Tiktok.

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