Sherman Spotlight: Crazy Burrito

Written By Ireland Owens, Staff Writer

Crazy Burrito
Crazy Burrito

Crazy Burrito is a Mexican food truck in Sherman, just a few minutes from Austin College’s campus near the CVS Pharmacy on Texoma Parkway. This local joint is a fantastic pick if you want good Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes at a low price. They even have a picnic table outside the food truck if you don’t want to take your food to go!

Popular menu items include the quesadillas and their California fries, which are  french fries with nacho-style toppings and come in large portions that could easily feed two people. My personal favorite items at Crazy Burrito are their elotes as well as their enchiladas burritos. The fact that the prices are so reasonable is a big draw for me as well. 

You can go check out Crazy Burrito for yourself Monday through Saturday. They are located at 1834 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman, TX 75090. You can also keep up with them on their Facebook page; (@CRAZYburrito). Eating at Crazy Burrito is a great opportunity to support a local business while not breaking the bank!

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