The Loft Downtown Coffee House – Sherman Spotlight

Written By Ireland Owens, Writer

While we all love popular local cafes such as CJ’s, one underrated local spot worth mentioning is The Loft Downtown Coffee House. The Loft opened this February, located in the heart of downtown Sherman (about a five minute drive from Austin College).

The Loft serves various drinks including coffee, frozen drinks, and hot teas. They also serve various food items, such as bagels, breakfast tacos, cake slices, and sandwiches. Personally, I like to order their iced vanilla latte, but I would also recommend you try out their sandwiches if you go for lunch.

One thing that I like in particular about The Loft is that they have a spacious interior with big windows and lots of seating available. The Loft is the perfect place to go to study or have a
coffee date. You can also reserve the table or couch seating online if you have a group event or meeting that you would like to take place there.

The Loft is open every day of the week, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its address is 100 S Crockett St. Ste 200. You can also check out their socials before you go; The Loft’s website is and their Facebook profile is @TheLoftDowntown.

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