Homecoming Court

Written By: Ireland Owens, Writer

This past weekend, Austin College held its annual Homecoming and Family weekend from October 28th to 29th. Of the many Homecoming events put on this weekend, the Homecoming Football Game and announcement of the winners of the 2022 Austin College Homecoming Court were some of the most anticipated. 

 Each candidate for Homecoming Court was a student nominated by their peers. Candidates then cycled through a round of voting, which narrowed the nominees down to a six-person Homecoming Court. To be eligible, nominees had to be current Austin College students of Junior or Senior status. The winners of the 2022 Austin College Homecoming Court were students Timarea Kimbrough, Cody McCasland, Isabella Sada-Nieto, Molly Corso, Luis Velez, and Alyssa Holloway.

They were recognized during the halftime show of the Homecoming football game on Saturday, October 29th, at Apple Stadium. Although the weather was bleak and cold during the halftime show, all six of the Homecoming Court nominees still showed up to the stadium with smiling faces. Luis Velez and Isabella Sada-Nieto were our 2022 Homecoming Court royalty. It was very exciting to honor these two outstanding Austin College students!

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