Sherman Spotlight: MG’s Restaurant

Written By: Gabriel Castrillon, Editor

Until recently, I thought that Whataburger was the best place to get a burger in Sherman. Then I heard about MG’s from a friend, and was surprised to find that there had been a high-quality local burger place under ten minutes away from campus all this time.

MG’s Restaurant is an old-fashioned burger joint with a charming vintage car theme. It’s located in a renovated gas station—you might mistake it for an auto repair shop if you didn’t know any better. Vintage license plates and hood ornaments line the walls, and the entrance to the kitchen is decorated with a car lift (complete with a vintage racecar). One area of the restaurant is made to look like a classic ‘50s diner.

A vintage racecar hanging in a doorway Credit:

The food is delicious as well, of course. The menu features a variety of burgers and southern classics such as chicken fried steak. I recommend starting with the fried pickles—they’re the best I’ve had in Texoma. The burgers are filling but not enormous, and you can order them any way you like. MG’s also offers salads if you’re looking to eat something a little healthier.

If you’re craving a place with that local burger joint feel, I can’t recommend MG’s enough. My only regret after going was that I hadn’t been sooner. With such good food at a fair price and a location so close to campus, I can’t imagine I’ll choose Whataburger over MG’s anytime soon. You can visit MG’s at 1721 North Woods Street, or check out their Instagram page @mgsburgers.

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