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The AC Observer, Austin College’s student-run newspaper has been published under various names. Today, it is published online only and produced by a staff of student editors and staff members.  The AC Observer offers students experience in journalistic writing, editing, photography and advertising. It is updated weekly during the academic year except during vacations, exam periods and the summer. The Jan Term schedule varies due to staff availability.

The Observer covers campus events and issues of interest to the campus community. Located in the Wright Campus Center, Room 263, the newspaper operates under the Student Life department as an official campus organization. Dr. Marjorie Hass, Austin College president, is the publisher.

The opinions expressed in editorials and viewpoint articles present the views of the author and not those of the college administration, the Board of Trustees, and/or the Student Publications Advisory Committee. Staff editorials represent the opinions of the current student editorial board.

All editor positions are paid and student writers and photographers are compensated for their contributions.

Austin College is located at 900 North Grand Avenue in Sherman, TX. The staff can be contacted at Suite 6J, or (903) 813-2306. Christina Herrera, the Director of Residence Life serves as the Student Publications Adviser, or (903) 813-2306.


Submission Policy

The AC Observer encourages contributions from students, alumni, faculty, staff and administrators. Opinion articles are open to all political, social and philosophical viewpoints. The views expressed in all letters, editorials and articles do not necessarily represent the view of the student body, faculty, administration, or Observer staff members.

The Observer reserves the right to edit all submissions for length. Letters to the editor must be signed and must include the writer’s full name, telephone number, title or occupation. Letters submitted by an organization must be signed by an author representing that organization.

Letters or articles containing offensive language, libelous material or misleading information will not be published. Letters must address issues affecting or of interest to the campus community. Letters must be submitted via e-mail to They must not exceed 200 words.


Advertising Policy

The Observer does not endorse the content of its advertisements. They are exclusively the opinions of the advertiser and do not represent the views of the newspaper or its staff.  The SPAC of the Observer reserves the right to review the content of advertisements prior to printings or to refuse publication.

All advertisements must be paid in advance unless contracted through a national advertising agency. Checks should be made payable to: Austin College Observer.

Ads must be sent as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG. PDF format is preferred. Ads should be emailed to






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