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BOSH: All Artists Welcome in SOMA’s Bohemian Bash!

BOSH: All Artists Welcome in SOMA’s Bohemian Bash!

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Logan A. Beauchamp, Editor-in-Chief
April 30, 2019

Once again it is time for the Austin College campus to let its freak flag fly! This year's BOSH, an art show reminiscent of the "happenings" of the 1960s, is being hosted by SOMA and will be taking place in the Forster Sculpture building from 7 to 10:30 or later on Friday, May 3rd. All artists are welcome to come and display their works or read their poetry or perform however they'd like. All forms of expression are welcome. For those wishing to participate or looking for more information, they can contact SOMA president Will McCarthy at or 254-744-9181. The energy...

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