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The Modern Day Bard and The Odyssey

Elijah Keefer-McGee, Features Editor
February 25, 2020

Before the creation of books and movies, the transfer of stories and histories was conducted by word of mouth. This came in many different ways, be it through a parent telling a bedtime story or a wise man spinning tales of heroism and sacrifice, the word of mouth was the primary route through which these stories would travel. While in the modern era the ways of transmitting information has changed and developed through the widespread usage of books and films, there is also a burgeoning movement to re introduce the old ways. One of these modern day bards is Joe Goodkin, a Chicago based musicia...

TV, Superhero, Drama, Sci-Fi

We get a first taste of HBO's subversive new superhero drama.

Comic Book/Crime

This controversial crime thriller won't please everyone, but it offers an undeniably powerful look at modern fears.

Our Rating: 8/10

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