When you’re struggling as you’re studying, who you gonna call?

The Academic Skills Center and Scarbrough Center for Writing!

Note: this picture was taken pre-Covid and does not reflect the health and safety standards set by Austin College.

I ain’t ‘fraid of no final! Or am I?

Two weeks from today, students will pick up our pens, log on to Zoom, and start writing essays and meanwhile lose sleep, eat junk food, and possibly procrastinate. The Observer spoke with the Academic Skill Center and the Scarbrough Center for Writing to share with informational sheets and tips that will help prepare for finals.

Kate Boessen, one of the ASC Assistants, shared two handouts: one from a student’s perspective on study hints and strategies and the other on getting the most out of class notes. You may view the handouts included in this article or pick up hard copies, along with many course-specific study guides, in the turnstile outside of the ASC.












For advice from the Scarbrough Center for Writing, senior Abby Ross said, “If you have the opportunity, go ahead and take a head start on finals that are presentations, papers, and projects. And take advantage of all the time the professors give you because they typically give you that time because that’s how much time is supposed to go into the project.”

Abby gives great advice, and as a Peer Writing Assistant, the motto I share with all the writers I work with comes from my nearly 100-year-old Grandpa: keep up, don’t catch up!

Just as they did last May, the ASC and SCW are once again collaborating to host Roomote Café, their major campus-wide study opportunity for students who would like to study among their peers in a relaxed setting. They will host the event virtually on Sunday, May 9, and will table the week before to hand out snacks and flyers. During the event, tutors will be available for students who have questions in various areas of study and have regular drawings for prizes throughout the event.

With two weeks of class left before finals week, time is running short. Now is the time to start making a plan on how to review for finals and begin doing so. The ASC and SCW encourage students to sign up for tutoring in any classes they are struggling with, although they tend to get very busy before finals week, so they advise scheduling an appointment sooner than later!

The Peer Tutors of the ASC and the Peer Writing Assistants of the SCW are here to help you do your best, so they encourage you to take advantage of Roomote Café and remaining appointments! To schedule one, visit austincollege.mywconline.com.