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Gender In The 2016 Presidential Election: Panel Discussion

Aimi Hardy, Op/Ed Editor

October 18, 2016

Filed under Campus Life, Opinions

When a woman manages to come close to achieving a position of power, she is scrutinized much more heavily than a man in the same position is, simply because she is a woman. This scrutiny can take the form of incessant blaming, nit-picking the woman’s statements and actions, and evaluating her credentials as somewhat lesser than the credentials of a man who has significantly less experience in the given field.

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Galentine’s Day: Valentine’s for gal pals

Elizabeth Bowie, Editor in Chief

April 12, 2016

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Opinions

I love Valentine’s Day. Not in a cheesy, “I love my boyfriend sooooooooo much,” kind of way, but in the elementary school, let’s hand out cards to everyone and enjoy my friendship and chocolate kind of way. Truth be told,...

Steven Universe hits home for college viewers and kids alike

Amber Yen, Staff Writer

October 9, 2015

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Movies & TV, Opinions

Steven Universe is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network produced by Rebecca Sugar, who also worked on another cult classic series. Steven Universe is a slice of life series  that takes place in a world of bizarre creatures and...

Six Weeks, Then Four, Then Two, Then None

David Trevino, Staff Writer

December 1, 2014

Filed under Opinions

When I was asked to write a piece over the recent changes concerning pledgeship in student organizations on campus, I felt a bit uneasy. The uneasiness sprang not from the controversy or tension that has been in the air since...

Raz’s Rants #6: Immerse Yo Self

Raz, Observer Contributor

May 9, 2014

Filed under Opinions

Those of you who read my stuff from time to time may have picked up that I have a fondness for the horror genre. The truth is a bit more complicated than that. You see, it isn't as much about the ghosts, guts and gore in itself,...

Mormonism 101: A Suprisingly Spiritual Experience

Madison Messenger, Photo Editor

May 9, 2014

Filed under Opinions

For a moment, I’ll ask you to recall one of those rough days that makes you want to slug a beer before five and torch your class assignments in  infamous hellfire. It was one of those days, a Friday, about a month ago when...

Where Are You Living Next Year? A Review of AC Housing

Savannah Hardin, Observer Marketing Manager

April 10, 2014

Filed under Opinions

"So... Where are you living next year?" It is a question we as college students must answer time and time again. Like nomads, there is rarely one true dorm we can call home. Its almost like once we settle in, we are on the...

Raz’s Rants #5: How to Monopolize Spite

Raz, Observer Contributor

April 2, 2014

Filed under Opinions

Monopoly is a game which destroys friendships and ruins relationships. Quite an astonishing feat, given the fact that it's actually quite a simple game. However, his past Janterm, I decided to take on a challenge that would co...

Getting Ready for The Big Day in May (A Survival Guide for Your Last Semester at AC)

Madison Messinger, Photo Editor

February 21, 2014

Filed under Opinions

Snowflakes gently powder Sherman sidewalks while countless Austin College seniors find themselves shivering, curled into the fetal position, and muttering to themselves under bed sheets. I doubt it is the cold that has these AC...

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