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An Open Letter to the Austin College Community Concerning the 2016 Presidential Election: The Case for Donald Trump

Nikhil Jaisinghani

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Hello all,

This election cycle has certainly been an exercise in absurdity. I thank the gods everyday for the current year, that it has unveiled the truth behind the seeming orderliness of the Universe. The fabric of reality is one of chaos- it is a riot of colors and a maelstrom of cacophonies. Occasionally, blockages can arise within the flow of this change and the backed-up “water” can become stale and start poisoning everything around it. It is then that the Universe conspires to remove this blockage, resulting in the washing away everything of the old. This is not necessarily a happy phenomenon. It can be quite painful. But decadence is a grave threat to any society.  It is into such an atmosphere that Donald J. Trump has descended into, like a bolt of lighting, tearing through the decaying shell of the ancien régime, or like a fire that blazes through a forest, consuming what is old, creating space for what is new, and vital to grow in its stead. We have heard a lot about the catastrophes that might descend upon us if Donald Trump is elected- fire and brimstone, and nuclear radiation- but with less than 24 hours left until Election Day, I think this is a piece long overdue.

I have noticed a relative lack of understanding  of the political discourse at Austin College. I understand we are a small school and cannot rival state schools in number of students. They simply have a larger pool of people to draw on. But I believe what we lack in sheer numbers we can at least attempt to make up for in passion. As a member of the student press and in the interests of fairness and to challenge the status quo of the political discourse both on campus and in the rest of this country, I write this letter to the student body. I believe as students who receive a well-rounded, Liberal Arts education from an institution as prestigious as Austin College, we have a duty to ourselves, our classmates, and the wider community to debate and discuss such topics. In this piece, I will attempt to address as many groups as I can and make the case for Donald J. Trump and why you should vote for him as President of the United States.

If you belong to the paleoconservative right, far right, New Right, Alt-Right, or adhere to any other rightist political ideology distinct from standard GOP Republicanism, I doubt I will need to convince you much, since you probably already know what is at stake here and why Trump is the better option. The fact that he has single-handedly shifted the Overton Window of discussion back to the right in a country that has been drifting steadily leftwards is no small feat and we should not forget that fact. Add to that the fact the Immigrant Crisis in Europe has already started to rear its ugly head in the form of terrorist attacks in countries all across Western Europe, which have allowed an immense number of ostensible refugees, immigrants, and asylum-seekers to stream into their lands (Belgium: 2016 Brussels bombings & Charleroi attack; Denmark: 2015 Copenhagen shootings; France: 2014 Tours police station stabbing, 2015 Charlie Hebdo, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, Thalys train, November 2015 attacks, 2016 Magnaville stabbing, church attack; Germany: 2016 Cologne New Years Eve sex assaults, Würzburg train attack, Ansbach music festival bombing).

So, I will now address the Republicans and other center-right or conservative students we have here on our campus. If you fall into any of these categories, please listen up. I can imagine for many of you, being polite and respectful is a very important trait- especially if you were raised down South. Probably the last kind of person you might want as president of our country is a rude, crude, blustering Yankee. And you know what? That is a valid feeling. But I can tell you now, at a time like the one we live in now, that is, perhaps, the last thing we should be worried about.

Yes, principles are important, and yes, so is character, but just as important, if not perhaps more so within the realm of politics, is practicality. Nobody else on the Republican ticket was capable of standing up to Trump. It was he, who out of a field of 17 other candidates, ultimately emerged victorious. Add to this the fact that he did so while spending far less on actual, traditional advertising than any of his rivals goes to show what a skilled and efficient individual he is. You have to come to terms with that fact. He is the strongest out of all the candidates in the current election capable of defeating Hillary Clinton at this point.

But Trump cannot do it without you. He needs your vote. You make up a significant portion of this country. Don’t become disheartened by what the of the conspiracies you have heard.  And as for his crudeness, I think there is sufficient reason to believe it has been an act, put on for the purpose of distinguishing himself from his rivals and getting free coverage from the media that does not miss an opportunity to cover him. Think about it. Look back to the most recent debate and compare that to the second- how much calmer and more composed did he look? Almost as if he knew this was the time to pull back the aggressiveness from the previous debate, to demonstrate to the public he was, in fact, capable of exercising control over himself. Look back to his interviews in the eighties, in particular the one with Oprah, where he handles himself quite calmly, talking about some of the problems plaguing the country back then, particularly in the realm of economics and foreign trade treaties- some of which continue to this day. Actually, go look it up on YouTube and watch it if you haven’t already. I think nearly 30 years of ideological consistency on some important issues is pretty good.

If you consider yourself a nationalist or patriot of any sort, you can’t deny the fact that the outsourcing of American jobs- especially in the primary and manufacturing sectors- either to illegal immigrants or by moving factories to countries making it cheaper to produce goods and with few regulations or ethical considerations harms American workers and citizens- and damages our country’s national conscience. His proposed policies are economically nationalist. Driving down health insurance rates by introducing inter-state competition, as he’s mentioned in debates, convincing American companies to return to our shores, threatening to apply protectionist tariffs (finding similar precedence in some of the acts signed into law by American Founders, including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson) to Chinese and Mexican goods if our trade deals with them aren’t reformed, a reduction on income taxes across the board with lowest income Americans having a 0% rate and highest income bracket Americans paying 33%, Tax deductions for childcare, a mandatory paid leave period for working mothers- something European Union Nations already have and all these are things which will affect and benefit most our fellow citizens who are in the low socioeconomic spectrum.

To the Libertarians, I can say to you is your ideology has a very important prerequisite of needing a high-trust society so the government can relax controls on most aspects of life in the belief the people can then govern themselves. But to get to that point from where we are now will be a difficult process, even if most of the people of this country might want it. To enact libertarian-ism now would lead only to chaos and anarchy in this country. If you believe this Union is important and should be preserved, vote for Donald Trump. Unless we reform the current political climate your libertarian dream will never succeed. For it to work, you must remove that which is ultimately antithetical to your ideal society from positions of power and “drain the swamp”, to use a phrase.

To Neoconservatives and Hillarycrats, the candidate I support stands in direct opposition and we will not agree with anything. To those of you who might have been Berniecrats, why are you voting the person who essentially won the nomination from your candidate instead of the one whose populist positions are closest to Sanders? Is it his personality? His rhetoric? Well the choice is yours, but do you want me to let you in on a little secret? If Trump had been knocked out in the early primaries, like many of us feared he would be, I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders. Why? Well, just skip down to the end of this letter and read what I have to say to the far-left about acceleration-ism. The same concept applies here. 

If you are a pacifist, anti-war, or simply against getting into unrighteous conflicts, why then should you support Secretary Clinton? For one, with her at the helm as the Secretary of State, she and President Obama continued the policies of bombing, droning, toppling leaders, and destabilizing foreign countries– particularly in the Middle East causing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to suffer and die, And now, terrifyingly, the discourse taking place from her and our EU/NATO allies is one that might be provoking Russia into another war. Our military alliance has been creeping ever closer to the Russian border, encompassing the Baltic states and most recently Ukraine. You have to forgive the Russians for feeling spooked, considering how the American government would react if Russia were to start doing the same in Canada or Mexico. We have to realize the days of American neo-colonialism and economic imperialism are over. It is time for the United States of America to actually abide by the rules of peace and not of war. And behind the blustery rhetoric, I think Trump is actually a man of peace. I know, I know it sounds rather odd, but I think it might be true. Think about it. He actually wants to make peace with Russia. The same Russia we have been constantly poking and prodding for the last few years. Both Trump and Putin have expressed admiration for one another. Nearly all if not most of his rivals during the primaries have expressed anti-Russian sentiments, and their (along with Hillary’s, for that matter) Russophobic rhetoric is extremely dangerous for the people of the country.  The neoconservative Republican establishment and Hillary Clinton both talk like we never ended the Cold War. I firmly believe unless we accept the fact that we are once again at the crossroads of a multi- or at the very least bi-polar world, and treat Russia with the same respect that we would expect for ourselves (which we have not been getting, as of late), we run the risk of getting ourselves entangled in another world war. Right now, the DNC is the hawk party and the GOP, under Trump, is the dove one. If you don’t want to see us waste incomprehensibly large sums of money, sacrifice (hundreds of) thousands of lives, and watch our brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons, and daughters die in yet another foreign war- this time with a country that might be more than a match for us and in a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, I urge you- no. I beg you: vote for Trump.

Finally, I will briefly address those of you at this college who consider themselves leftists or part of the far-left. I can imagine you don’t like Trump. I’m not fond of this argument, personally, but I feel I have to use it here for you. Do you really want a hawk, conservative, neo-liberal president in power for the next four, possibly eight years? I don’t think you do. You could vote for Jill Stein (Greens) or Mimi Soltysik (Socialist Party of the USA), and I would understand if you did, but consider this: if Trump is really as bad as some people claim he is, would that not create an environment wherein people might be more receptive to your ideas, having already discarded the Democrats and seeing what Trump has done? I ask you to join the rest of us in voting Donald J. Trump for President- not, perhaps, out of any real support for him but to accelerate the current political climate in this country. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see that things may turn out for the better.

In conclusion, if you’ve managed to stick through this monster of a letter, kudos to you. And thanks for at least taking the time to listen to what I had to say. I hope I’ve managed to convince at least some of you who were on the fence to vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. I’d consider my work done if I swayed even a couple of you to vote for him. Whoever you choose though, make sure you get out and vote on November 8th and have a good Election Day!

Gratefully yours,

-Nikhil Jaisinghani

For a full overview of Donald Trump’s positions, go to:

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The student news site of Austin College
An Open Letter to the Austin College Community Concerning the 2016 Presidential Election: The Case for Donald Trump