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Where to Study? Your Guide to Everyone’s Go to Coffee Shops

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Country Java Coffee Café

This charming coffee shop is tucked away in downtown Denison and offers a wide selection of coffee, teas, and lunch options.  It features a welcoming atmosphere and a hip, knowledgeable staff who are eager to answer any questions about their eclectic drink options.  There are many tables for studying and a couch for lounging.  The wifi is free and the password is the coffee shop’s phone number.  If you stick around for lunch, you will have your pick of soups, quiche, salads, sandwiches, and cheese plates.  Most are in the $5.50-6.50 range, perfect for a college student’s budget, considering the portions are large, even the salads.  Their iced chai is rich with a thick chocolate milk consistency.  I would recommend going for one of their more adventurous options, like the Mexican mocha, if you are wanting a sweet drink.  If you’re a classic coffee connoisseur, their black coffee is a solid cup of joe. Their biggest pro is that it’s not Starbucks, and you will be supporting local business and receiving Denison’s cozy local charm.  On a nice day, sitting on their spacious deck is a treat.  A con is that the space is small, so it can get loud and crowded during lunch, but the lunch rush usually only lasts about an hour.  When I was there last, they played calm, chill study music featuring Sufjan Stevens, acoustic covers, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson.  For laptop studiers, there are plenty of outlets for chargers.

Open: Mon-Sat 7am-6pm

514 W. Main

Denison, tx


Vitina’s Boiler Room

In the previous Boiler Room location in Downtown Sherman, the coffee shop merged with Vitina’s Deli, a sandwich shop previously across the street from late Braum’s (RIP).  Like Country Java in Denison, they serve all your basic sandwiches as well as pasta, soup, and salads.  Their coffee selection isn’t large but it’s good. I tried the pecan black coffee and the Italian eggnog latte, which didn’t taste much like eggnog. The latte prices are a little high ($4.50) for a medium, but are comparable to Starbucks prices. The décor is charming (despite the interesting painting of Jesus walking on water above an electrical fireplace) with ample seating and a mix of tables and comfortable booths for long term studying.  The restaurant offers free wifi, with few outlets downstairs.  It’s biggest con is it’s inconvenient hours.  Open Monday through Friday 7am-4pm, this coffee shop isn’t considering it’s college student demographic who often have classes until 4:20 during the week.

Open: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

404 E. Lamar Street

Sherman, Tx



Yes, Starbucks is a chain.  Yes, one can blame them for the decline in unique, neighborhood coffee shops owned by moms, pops and young entrepreneurs everywhere.  Yes, the average human stomach can’t hold their largest cup size. But damn it if it’s not delicious.  And yes, white teenage girls love it, but they are not the only ones.  Sherman’s Starbucks is your average Starbucks, not much to complain about.  The only time I’ve had a bad experience there was when I showed up and was denied my life fluid because they decided to close fifteen minutes early.  A long-term study session will usually be uninterrupted as long as you buy something and the music is usually low enough to not disturb concentration. It’s the go-to place for coffee and is usually more crowded.  They hire Austin College students (hey Leeza!) and genuinely cool people.  Free wi-fi is a plus and if you linger around closing time, there is a chance they will give you perfectly edible pastries that they would otherwise have to throw out.

Open: Mon-Sun 5am-9pm

2918 U.S. 75, Sherman, Tx 75090



I used to study at Hastings on and off until my last and final experience.  The two male baristas were loudly talking and cackling about Pokemon whilst playing video game soundracks and another woman, the manager, talked loudly and enthusiastically about Norse mythology. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen and liked Vikings, but it wasn’t conducive to studying for my physics test.  Although they do have good coffee with eccentric flavors that don’t require additional sweetener or cream.  Because it is set within a bookstore, you can roam around when you need a study break or to see if there are any helpful study materials.  It is conveniently close to campus and next to Subway and a frozen yogurt shop for study sustenance.  The tables are small and limited but I usually push two together when I’m studying with a partner and it is no longer a problem.  There are also comfortable chairs for reading or talking.  Overall, the coffee is great, but it is not a good place to study due to the many distractions and limited space, but it is open the latest.

Open: Mon-Thurs, Sun 9am-10 pm

Fri & Sat 9am-11pm

2114 Texoma Parkway

Sherman, Tx


Hopper Store

The Kangaroo Coffee and Hopper’s store is a wonderful coffee shop to study at if you don’t have a car or good friends who do.  You’ll be paying a little bit more, but hey, that’s Austin College so get used to it. It is limited in options but the “proudly brewed Starbucks” coffee is effective and you have your selection of pre-packaged drinks from the coolers.  The drinks are quickly made and there are plenty of tables to study at.  If you need some background noise while you study, the murmer of conversations will be perfect and amusing for eavesdroppers.  Stay away if you are easily distracted though, because combined with the chatter, the large windows offer easy day dreaming possibilities.  The Hopper Store is the place to go if you don’t have a coffee maker and are stuck on campus.  The coffee is much more enjoyable and drinkable than the coffee in the cafeteria and is a comfort for any class, especially those pesky 8 ams.

Open: Mon-Thurs 7am-midnight

Friday: 7am-10pm

Saturday: 10am-10pm

Sunday: 10am-midnight

Wright Campus Center



Technically, Sweetberries is a restaurant that serves amazing breakfast and is not a coffee shop, but hangovers rejoice! If you order coffee with your breakfast, the refills never stop, even after you’ve finished your meal and are slow to move back to reality.  For studying, Sweetberries is more suited for early morning studiers because it is usually less crowded before 9am.  It offers many corner nooks for spreading out your study materials and settling in.

Open: Mon-Sun 6am-3pm

1836 Texoma Pkwy

Sherman, Tx

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Where to Study? Your Guide to Everyone’s Go to Coffee Shops