How Fall Sports Teams Handle Covid-19: Football

Fall football has always, and probably always will be, a staple in Texas and Texas culture. From tailgating, to cowbells, to screaming-until-you-lose-your-voice, college football has always been how one was supposed to spend their Saturday nights. But now that the fall season has been canceled, the boys are instead using Continue Reading

How Fall Sports Teams Handle COVID-19: Volleyball

Volleyball is a fall sport that typically begins for Austin College in mid-August, with a week of pre-season workout and practices before the real season kicks-off and the playing begins. But this year, (and only with tons of precautions, regulations, and negotiations), the team officially began practicing September 23 from Continue Reading

Homecoming Game: October 26th, 2019

The 2019 Austin College homecoming football game against Hendrix happened Sat. Oct. 26th. Families and Alumni came out to support the players. Unfortunately, Austin College lost 12-41, but they didn’t give up, scoring with one minute left in the last quarter.     In the first quarter, junior Evans Powell, No. Continue Reading